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Fishing Gear - Rods, Reels and Waders

Jackson Hole fly fishing means pursuing native cutthroat trout in beautiful surroundings. The difficulty of stalking these trout varies from the simple to challenging and small streams to large rivers. Knowledge, technique and quality gear make the pursuit more enjoyable and productive.

As the largest, oldest and most experienced fly shop in Jackson Hole, JD High Country Outfitters can help you catch more fish and have more fun stalking them, with the most extensive selections of gear, clothing and accessories in Jackson Hole.

Rods from the world’s best makers, including Sage, Winston and Scott and others, ensure a perfect match between the rod and your unique casting style for ultimate control. Howard, Scott, Randolph and our experienced staff will expertly match you to the rod best suited to your casting style and experience level.

Reels from Sage, Lamson,and Hatch add improved line management to your arsenal.

While wet wading during the hot summer months can be refreshing, waders from Simms and Patagonia can provide a valuable layer of protection for cool days in the water. Boots from Simms, Patagonia and Korkers ensure comfort and firm footing on any bottom structure.


With three of the most experienced tyers in the Valley, it’s no surprise that JD High Country Outfitters carries the most extensive fly collection in Jackson Hole.

Scott Sanchez is one of the most prolific fly designers in the US. His designs have been fished in every One Fly tournament since its inception 30 years ago, and his legendary Double Bunny won the One Fly three years in a row! His books on fly tying and design are available in the store.

Howard Cole is also a prolific tyer and has taught many Jackson Hole locals the art and science of tying.

Rob Parkins is a innovative commercial tyer and fly designer for the Montana Fly Co. He tied the winning fly for the 2011 JH One Fly.

Together, they manage the significant collection of flies available in the store and are always ready to help you match your fly selection with what is happening on the water. Come in, talk to our experienced staff and catch more fish.